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Refunds and Cancellations

Seed IT Consulting:

We want to keep things simple. That's why we offer monthly plans for our services. We consider the month to month plan a "test drive" if you will. That way, if for any reason you are dissatisifed with our efforts to bring you world class IT support, you can cancel after 30 days. It's easy, affordable, and gives each party a good opportunity before signing a yearly contract to see if we are a great fit as business partners.

If you determine for any reason after signing a yearly service contract to cancel, we will refund the difference for services not used. So if you cancel at 10 months in, you will get 2 month of refund. Simple as that.


All StorageCraft related purchases are subject to StorageCraft's return policy.

A link to their policy can be found here.

In the event of cancellation of services, and a refund is processed, Seed IT Consulting LLC reserves the right to charge a restocking fee.


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